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Rant against birthday dinners


At The Bold Italic, an anonymous San Franciscan rails against the practice of going out to dinner with a group of friends for your birthday.

Look, I don’t think I’m a cheap ass, but I typically spend under $100 on a birthday gift for my own mother. And this is San Francisco; your friends are…

Bike riding is a beautiful thing. Peaceful and serene, flowing and artistic, freeing and blissful, pedaling a bike over hill and dale is ethereal. Tack a number on your back, though, and bike racing is a bizarrely unnatural sport hinging so much on luck.

Toque Talk - July 15, 2014

I am trying something new here: posting articles each day regarding an intersection of restaurant/culinary, hospitality, and technology.  These topics interest me because I have worked in restaurants, have friends in the restaurant and hospitality industries, and spent a lot of money in those industries.  I believe others are interested, too.  So here we go:

Blogger Fined $3,400 for Her Negative Restaurant Review (Eater) - A food blogger in France was fined for posting a negative review of a restaurant.  The review (translated into English) is not overly harsh and is trying to state the facts and events although calling the manager a “diva” doesn’t help. 

Yelp Still Isn’t Happy With Google Local Search, Joins European Complaint (Skift) - Yelp, the site that elicits many emotions from chefs, restaurant owners, and patrons, is joining an EU complaint that Google unfairly ranks its own reviews higher than Yelp’s.

Anthony Bourdain’s Theory on the Foodie Revolution (Smithsonian Magazine) - The recent “foodie” (that term has to go) phenomenon has spawned new industries and drawn many people to seek employment in the restaurant world.  Anthony Bourdain has some theories as to why this is and how the recent food culture in the US is really not new in many other places.

Applebee’s plans “No Tech Tuesdays” (GigaOm) - The restaurant chain is planning a promotion of no mobile phones/devices yet is deploying 100,000 tablets in their restaurant.

Restaurant-specific insurance exchange debuts in D.C. (The Washington Post) - Healthcare is a lava-like topic these days and most people in the restaurant industry do not have healthcare coverage.  An entrepreneur in Washington DC is trying to solve that problem with a restaurant-specific insurance exchange.

Meet New York's Youngest Truffle Dealer: Day with the Dealer

Ian Purkayastha is a dealer known for selling the good stuff. Not only will Ian deliver right to your front door in his unmarked white van, he’ll even let you take a peek at his entire inventory—just in case you want a little something extra. His goods will fuck you up…with flavor that is. As the owner of Regalis Foods, a Brooklyn based specialty food purveyor, Ian sells fresh truffles, mushrooms, caviar, Japanese Waygu beef, foraged foods, and more exotic foods, like salmon milt (male salmon sperm), to the most notable restaurants in NYC. Get ready to spend your day with a dealer…of truffles, mushrooms, and more. 

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